About Us

In 1985, Gary Charles, a former Hunt Engine and Equipment employee, started Power Systems Specialists as a manufacturers’ representative to handle the growing demand for alternators and related components in Louisiana and Mississippi. Working with both engine packagers and engineering firms, he grew the business through a commitment to meeting the high and specific demands of the petroleum and marine markets.

In 1988, Lee Dupont, a former George Engine Company engineer, started Dupont Engineering as a manufacturers’ representative with a focus on mechanical equipment relating to reciprocating engines – specifically heat transfer equipment. Dupont Engineering grew to be a leader in providing quality equipment and services while meeting customers’ budget and specification requirements.

In 2009, Gary and Lee merged the companies under the name Power Systems Specialists, with a focus on a combined strategy of providing electrical and mechanical components for the marine, petroleum, and commercial markets, with an emphasis on matching the correct products to any application.

In 2010, Gary Charles decided to retire to focus on his growing family.

Today, Power Systems Specialists has grown to six employees and continues its focus of providing quality equipment with application specific selections to meet our customers’ needs.