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Copper and Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

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Product Details
Brand: Sondex

Recommended Applications:

The compact “brazed” plate heat exchanger is designed with the focus on the oil units, heat recovery, engine cooling and other industrial tasks.

Design Principle:

The Sondex brazed plate heat exchanger contains a plate pack and will cover many duties in a single pass solution where all 4 connections are on the front side. This means easy pipe and service work. Sondex brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a number of thin, acid-resistant plates, precision stamped and assembled as a unit, each alternate plate being rotated 180°. The plate pack, assembled with two end plates and connections, is vacuum brazed at extremely high temperatures providing a permanently sealed heat exchanger. The final result is a strong and compact plate heat exchanger with extremely high heat transmissions.The high heat transmission comes from the main pattern which is designed to create a turbulent flow.

Technical Information

Standard Materials:

Flow plates and connections: AISI 316

End plates: AISI 304

Brazing material: Copper or stainless steel

Design Pressure:

• Copper brazed: 30 Bar (435 PSI)

• Stainless steel brazed: 30 Bar (435 PSI)

Design Temperature:

• Copper and stainless steel brazed: ÷100 to 185°C (÷148 to 365°F)

Construction Standard:

According to pressure equipment PED 2014/68/EU.


• Various threaded, flanged other connections available.

Additional Equipment:

• Insulation jacket

• Connection unions for welding

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