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Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

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Product Details
Brand: Sondex

Recommended Applications:

The Semi-Welded plate heat exchanger range is specially designed for the cooling and heating area, heat recovery where one product will be aggressive such as salt water environments and applications industry where aggressive products such as ammonia are used.

Design Principle:

The Semi-Welded plate heat exchanger uses laser welded cassettes which are made up of two plates welded together. The products passes through the port holes and into the gap between the plates. The product which flows through the cassettes, is only in contact with the special ring gaskets located in two of the four port holes. The opposite product flows through the gap sealed by plate gaskets preventing any leaks.

The heat transfer happens when the warmer product transfers energy through the flow plates and delivers it to the colder opposing product without mixing the both products. The design of the plate and inlet allows for effective and easy CIP (cleaning in place) cleaning of all surfaces in touch with the products. The “herringbone” pattern ensures turbulent flow within the effective area. Furthermore this pattern brings ”metallic” contact between the plates, leading to a strong sand rigid plate pack able to withstand high differential pressure.

The plate pack is assembled and pressed together within the frame containing two strong endplates, (head and follower), upper- and lower bars, column and clamping bolts.

Flow plates:

The corrugated “herringbone” pattern ensures turbulent flow in the whole effective area. Furthermore, this pattern brings “metallic” contact between the plates, and together with “Sonder Lock” locking devices on the gaskets, the plate pack is easily assembled. The plate pack is held firm and safely between the fixed head and movable follower of the frame.

Technical Information


• Painted frame, color RAL 5010 (available in other colors). The frames come with clamping bolts placed around the frame edge.

Design Pressure:

• Various pressure rating are available based on application and design requirements.

Construction Standard:

• EN13445 (PED 2014/68/EU)

• ASME sec VIII, Div. 1


• Multiple connections available to include DN65 flange cladded with AISI 316 stainless steel or titanium.

Plate Material:

AISI 316,and titanium with other materials available on request.


The gasket is placed in the closed gasket groove, that is formed by the plates. This design makes the plate suitable for high working pressures. The plates are strongly guided during the assembly of the plate heat exchanger. Plate gasket: Nitrile, EPDM and Viton. Ring gasket: Nitrile, EPDM, Viton and Choloprene Other materials available on request.

Extra Equipment:

• Safety cover in stainless steel

• Insulating jacket

• Assembling spanner

• Foundation feet

• Instrument flange

• Thermometer and manometer

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