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Sonder Lock Energy Saving Plate Heat Exchangers

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Product Details
Brand: Sondex

Recommended Applications:

The Sonder Lock Energy Saving Plates (SE) are specially developed to meet the future demands for high-efficient heat exchangers. This design makes the plates exceptionally well-suited for use in the HVAC industry as well as in solar plants, and geothermal installations where high performance is of outmost importance

Design Principle:

The Sondex sonder lock energy saving type plate range is often configured in a single pass solution, meaning that all the connections are on the head side. This will ensure easy pipe- and service work, and by dismantling the exchanger for service, no pipes need to be removed. The heat transfer is obtained, when the warm medium transfers energy through the thin, strong flow plates between the channels and delivers it to the cold opposing medium without mixing the two media. Counter-current flow creates the optimal efficiency. The plate- and inlet design allows effective, easy CIP (Cleaning in Place) of all “flow” surfaces.

Flow plates:

The corrugated “herringbone” pattern ensures turbulent flow in the whole effective area. Furthermore, this pattern brings “metallic” contact between the plates, and together with locking devices on the gaskets, the plate pack is easily assembled. The plate pack is held firm and safely between the fixed head and movable follower of the frame.

Technical Information:


• Painted frame, colour RAL 5010 (available in other colours)

• Stainless steel frame, designed for the food and dairy industry. Both frames comes with clamping bolts placed around the frame edge.

Construction Standard:

• EN13445 (PED 2014/68/EU)

• ASME sec VIII, Div. 1


• A wide varitey of customizable connection sizes available with a range of materials suited to each application, including carbon steel, stainless steel and titanium.

Plate Material:

AISI 304/316, 254 SMO and titanium. Also 2 x 0.4 mm “Sonder Safe” plates. Other materials available on request.


The gasket is the unique non-glued “Sonder lock” gasket which locks the plates together with strong rubber buttons, so that the plates are strongly guided during the assembly of the plate heat exchanger.

Extra Equipment:

• Safety cover in stainless steel

• Insulating jacket

• Assembling spanner

• Foundation feet for the IS frame.

• Hanging brackets for IT and FT frames

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