IEA Radiators

IEA creates cooling solutions ranging in size from six to 138 sq. feet, in either fan-on-engine or remote applications in vertical and horizontal configurations. We provide solutions to a broad array of industries, with an equally wide range of needs:

  • Stand-by Power Generation
  • Co-Generation
  • Marine Applications
  • Industrial Applications
  • Oil-Field Rejuvenation
  • HVAC
  • Large Vehicle Applications
  • FRAC Cube Radiators





IEA horizontalIEA Cube Radiator


More Info

IEA Corporate Brochure
EC – Engine Mounted Radiator with Fan
HC – Horizontal Remote Radiator
VC – Vertical Remote Radiator
RCC – Remote Charge Air Cooler
Polar Pod Packaged Cooling System
C18 Radiator Cooling