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Engine and Genset Controllers

DynaGen TOUGH Series™ controllers are widely known throughout the industry as being rugged, reliable, and easy to integrate into OEM or aftermarket products. They are designed to survive extreme temperatures, vibrations and shock, and they undergo the most demanding SAE and MIL standards to ensure they are built tough to survive these conditions.

DynaGen TOUGH Series portfolio includes:

  • PRO TE600 / TG600 IP67 rated for the most extreme environments.
  • TE350 / TG350 and TE410 / TG410 for autostart or manual control.
  • Plug-n-Play packaged solutions include rugged enclosures, mounting brackets and emergency stops for complete control and protection.
  • RapidCore™ configuration software supports all TOUGH Series controllers.
  • RemoteIQ™ cloud-based monitoring, notification, and control of remote equipment from anywhere via mobile devices.
These controllers are well suited for severe duty applications where reliability is critical. Mobile or stationary engine or generator equipment used within oil & gas, mobile equipment, agriculture, water management, mining and rental equipment applications are ideal.
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