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Fin Fan Coolers

Fabsco Coolers are in operation worldwide specializing in API 661 designs, Fabsco Fin-Air, LLC, manufactures air-cooled heat exchangers for applications in condensing, gas compression, petrochemical, petroleum refining, power generation, and refrigeration. Fabsco's tube bundles are designed and fabricated in accordance with ASME Section VIII, DIv. 1. and they use a proprietary parametric structural design and 3D modeling system to limit vibration to 20% below the API 661 allowable amplitude.

L Tension, Embedded, and Extruded aluminum fin types available with tube materials made from seamless welded steel, seamless welded stainless steel, 2205 duplex, chrome moly, copper, copper nickel, and titanium.

Headers can be manufactured in carbon steel, HIC quality and HIC tested carbon steel, chrome moly, stainless steel, 2205 duplex, and titanium.

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