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Synchronous Alternator (Generators)

Leroy Somer and Kato Engineering are known worldwide by generator set packagers and power producers for their high-quality synchronous alternators and generators built for standby, essential and critical applications. Models are available from 10kW to 25MW in low, medium and high voltage applications for diesel, natural gas and steam turbine prime movers.

For standard marine and land-based applications requiring IP23 through IP44 alternators, Leroy Somer excels with its wide variety of standard 4 pole designs providing high quality, low cost solutions to a wide range of synchronous alternators and generators equipment power generation applications.

For high specification applications where quality and customization are required, Kato Engineering provides custom engineered machines suitable for a wide range of special applications. Kato engineering regularly designs to API 546 requirements and can provide solutions including totally enclosed air-to-air and air-to-water machines to meet IP56 requirements.


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